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The Good Old Days

Why the good old days? Well, that's right, I do feel some nostalgia about the Amiga and Atari age. So many hours were spent on my faithful 520 STF! That's it ... Today, these communities have been almost completely destroyed by the so well known Intel and Micro$oft. Others are now alive, of course. But do they share the same spirit? I'm not sure.

The GEM desktop Do you remember ?
68000 assembly, GFA-Basic, ...
Dungeon Master, Chaos Strikes Back, ...
or maybe : Automation, The Medway Boys, The Replicants, ...
(ok ... one could argue about the activities of these groups, I have to admit!)

No? Does not sound familiar? Well, I guess this page is not the one you were looking for :-)

Anyway, you can find here :

  • in the Games section : two of my games.
  • in the GFA Punchs section : some of my 20-line GFA programs, published in ST-Mag (french magazine).
  • in the Links section : nah ... guess what :)

Below are two clips of pure Atari soundchip music. I've converted them into mp3 files so that they can be played easily, but there's at least one plug-in and one program (see in the links) which are able to play the original YM files (much smaller than mp3).

  • ST_1.mp3 ("Line of Fire" / Tao / 617K - 2:38)
  • ST_2.mp3 ("Warhawk" / Robb Hubbard / 555K - 2:22)
Updated Dec 10, 2010 

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