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The two games below were written in 1992. They're working fine under emulators like Steem.


RGB Here, you have to merge the blocks together in order to get the right color (using the additive synthesis laws, like : red + green = yellow). After that, you'll need to slide them to the 'locks'. The early stages are very easy (er ... quite boring, actually!) but it's getting harder and harder. It runs at least under TOS 1.02 and 1.04. But it seems to be a joystick trouble with more recent TOS. Anyway, it's possible to use the keyboard instead.

(zip.gif)RGB.zip (56 Kb)

Magenta The caterpillar is hungry and these small yellow-things-on-the-screen seem so tasty! Will you successfully control Magenta at the highest speed? Same configuration issues than in RGB (but a joystick is here mandatory).

(zip.gif)magenta.zip (49 Kb)
Updated Oct 05, 2006 

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