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What is a 'Punch'??

GFA-Punchs are small programs written in GFA-Basic. The rule is: "you will never exceed 20 lines". If it's more than 20 lines long, then it's not a Punch ... The best ones were published each month in ST-Mag (french magazine). The GFA was a powerful language which could be interpreted or compiled. Theorically, one line of GFA = one instruction. But some tricks were used to do several things at the same time (for instance with the famous 'Xbios' commands). So, the source code of a Punch is generally very dense and incomprehensible!
Some Punchs

Punch Demo [ Punch Demo ]

A scrolltext, a scrolling checkerboard, some spinning balls, a bouncing 'PUNCH' logo and a music (well ... let's say, some noise!)

Source code

Punch Tetris [ Punch Tetris ]

This one was rather hard to code :-) But it works! Use the 'Shift' keys to slide the brick and 'Space' to rotate.

Source code

3D Maze [ 3D Maze ]

And finally a much more recent one: I wrote it in 2002. This is a maze with a 'Dungeon Master like' view. The current position appears on the map. The keys are: arrows to move, 'Insert' to turn left and 'Clr Home' to turn right.

Source code
Updated Oct 05, 2006 

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