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(zip.gif)btime48.zip (13 Kb)

This is an adaptation of an old Data-East game, and my first 'real' program in assembly language on HP. So, I didn't aim a technical feat, but a good playability. No grayscales, but some sound! ;-) I uploaded it only once in July 1995 on RTC-One (kind of french BBS). It was later spread on the Internet.

More recently, Lilian Pigallio made a conversion for HP39/40 and 49:
(zip.gif)btime3949.zip (26 Kb)
Symbolic simplex

(splx1.gif) (splx2.gif)
(zip.gif)splx.zip (3 Kb)

This program allows you to compute a simplex with a symbolic form. If it doesn't sound familiar to you, then you probably don't need it! ;-) It's written in RPL.

To launch it : SPLX
Results are stored in the 'SOL' file
NB: system flag #22 has to be set (Infinite = +/-9E499)
Updated Oct 05, 2006 

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