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The little story

Saturn Chess banner

Chess programming is a very old hobby of mine. As a kid, I tried to put one together on a 'MO6' (a french computer by Thomson) but ... it didn't work very well ;-)) Since that, I did it again on Atari, PC, and HP with Saturn Chess.
Already done

  • Although the current GUI is working in text mode, a grayscale chessboard display is also almost ready.

  • (sc1.gif) (sc2.gif) (sc3.gif)

  • Saturn Chess includes a 1161 openings library (12978 moves), packed into 7809 bytes.
  • The legal moves generator is computing approx. 3000 moves per second (when running alone).
To do

  • Improve the tree-browsing algorithm
  • Improve the static evaluation routines
  • Complete the GUI and all considered options
  • Do a HP49 version
  • ...
Updated Oct 05, 2006 

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