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  • jzIntv by Joseph Zbiciak
    Probably the most accurate Inty emulator. Available on Linux, Windows, MacOS and more.

  • Nostalgia by Joseph Fisher
    A great emulator for Windows (requires DirectX 8 or later).

  • Bliss by Kyle Davis
    Another good emulator, running under different kinds of platforms. There's even an Applet version of it.

  • IntvDos / IntvWin by John Dullea
    An older emulator which I'd recommend for less powerful PCs (especially the DOS version). Seems like there's no official site anymore.

  • SDK-1600 by Joseph Zbiciak
    All you need to program the Intellivision is here!

  • Intellivision Wiki initiated by Kyle Davis
    A great compilation of technical details.

  • Intvprog (Yahoo group)
    Need some help? Need a hint? Then follow this link to chat with Intellivision programmers :-)

  • The Cuttle Cart 3 by Chad Schell
    Upload your ROM images on the actual console! I'm an happy user of Chad's previous gem for the Intellivision (the Intellicart) and anxiously waiting for his new product.
General Links

  • Intellivision World
    A very nice, comprehensive and constantly updated website.

  • INTV Funhouse
    Home of Steve's Intellivision collection. And this is a really complete one! Includes interesting tests and comments for each game.

  • Intellivision Lives
    Official site maintained by former Intellivision programmers, known as the 'Blue Sky Rangers'.
Updated Oct 05, 2006 

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